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Preconceptions Hinder Obedience.

Preconceptions Hinder Obedience. One of the most interesting stories in the Bible is in 2 Kings Chapter 5. It vividly illustrates how our preconceptions prevent us from hearing and obeying God's voice.

Naaman Almost Misses A Blessing.
Naaman was a Syrian general whose Israeli housemaid was a captive from war. Naaman had the incurable disease of leprosy. His maid told him about a prophet in Israel named Elisha who had power from God to heal people. Through diplomatic channels, Naaman contacted the king of Israel and made arrangements to visit Elisha. When Naaman arrived at Elisha's modest home, the prophet sent out his servant to tell General Naaman what God said he must do. "Go wash in the Jordan River seven times, and you will be healed, of every trace of your leprosy "(vs 10). Naaman was apgry and stalked away. "Look!" he said, "I thought the prophet would have the common courtesy to come out and see me. I thought he would call on the Name of the Lord his God, and wave his mantle over the leprosy and I would be healed." (Note his preconception of how he would be healed.) "If it's rivers I need I'll go back to Syria to wash in the crystal waters of Abana River or Pharpar River not down in that muddy Jordan River." With that he left in a rage. One of his servants pled with him. "Sir! If the prophet had asked you to do some great or difficult thing you would have. So why don't you obey (key word) when he has asked you to just go wash and be cured?" Finally persuaded, Naaman went down to the Jordan River and dipped seven times as the prophet had told him. When he obeyed, his flesh became as healthy as a little child's. Naaman was completely healed. Naaman almost missed receiving the blessing he sought. Why? Because of a preconceived idea of how God would heal him. His preconception and pride prevented his obedience. You see, a preconception is rooted in pride. It is in effect a statement that "I know everything. I can conceive things before they happen as they will happen" (a deific quality). When things do not happen as we preconceive they will it undermines our deific (pride-filled) image of ourselves, and we, like Naaman, stalk away angry and resentful because God didn't conform to our preconception of how He would do it. 2) God's Pattern For Your Life. Our theology (a preconception about God) often comes into conflict with the Spirit's guidance in our life and when it does, we face the grave danger of missing the will of God.

Do not let your traditions keep you from doing what God says. Hear and' obey the voice of God. Some will despise, oppose and criticize you. Others will doubt and assail you. Your pride will suffer. But whatever! Do the will of God!



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