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Careers at Shalom India

ShalomIndia.com Careers
Current Openings

1. Holy Matrimonial Support Executives

Basic Knowledge : Posses sound knowledge of Internet ,  Online Customer Care and ability to handle Multiple Indian languages,
Responsive and able to communicate well in the English language.

2. Web Site Executives

Position Location:
Mumbai, INDIA

How to Apply:
Interested? To apply, e-mail your resume to 

Please Mention the  Subject  as  Job Requirement

What you need to be a part of the ShalomIndia.com family

Vision, Mission and Values
Our vision is  committed to helping any person, any group, any religion find ways to be obedient to Lord Jesus Christ and help get His message out to a needy world.

We see our mission as to Fulfill Christ's Great Commission to accomplish.

The values that are important to us in our work are to be
Worship only One Living God
Respect all people
Be humble
Be honest
Live a moral life

Benefits: World class training, and the opportunity to learn continuously
An open-door, energetic environment with peace full atmosphere
At ShalomIndia.com we have a youthful, energetic and an enjoyable open workplace environment.

Please Email your Resume to
 ( Please mention the Subject as Career)



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ShalomIndia.com Prayer Cell  Timing Sundays @ 5 Pm onwards
In nothing be anxious; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. Phli 4:7

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